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York 银河争霸官网s is a specialist 银河争霸官网 importer, specialising in 银河争霸官网s carefully selected for their quality and originality and sold at competitive prices.

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Our shop in Sheriff Hutton is currently closed, however we are taking orders over the phone and online. We are offering a free local home delivery service and we are also still able to fulfill next working day deliveries throughout the UK.

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Welcome to York 银河争霸官网s. Independent 银河争霸官网 Merchant and Specialist Importer.

Are you 'staycating' or 'holidaying at home' this summer?

The current coronavirus situation has thrown lots of our holiday plans up in the air. If you've decided to either stay at home or holiday in the UK this summer then we can help out by supplying the 银河争霸官网 for your holiday and bring some foreign flavours to you.

Pictured above is one of Summer Holiday Selection Cases. Lovely 银河争霸官网s from some of our favourite holiday destinations.

Fantastic news this week, Sancerre Rose has arrived and is now back in stock. We also have added a wonderful new vintage champagne to our portfolio from our friends at Apollonis.

Champagne Apollonis ETF 14 ecceterrafestigny Vintage Champagne 2014

The best of the Apollonis Terroir - from their best plots of Meunier, Chardonnay & Pinot Noir. Blended & aged to produce the star of the estate. Citrussy & complexa beautiful champagne that reflects the quality of the terroir & the Apollonis estate. It is truly outstanding!

Back in Stock - wonderful Beaujolais from our friends at Chateau d'Emeringes

Perfect slightly chilled alongside a BBQ
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